Spotify Music Promotion

Streampot is a new online service that provides you with a massive boost to your Spotify popularity. We help you increase your followers, plays, likes and comments in order to grow your fan base.

Why Choose Streampot?

Fast & Gradual Delivery

Unlike other services that require weeks to deliver on their promises, Streampot generates results in days, if not hours. We support artists of all styles and genres, giving you the edge you need to be heard.

Real Devices

We provide you with realistic streaming results by using real devices and ads - no bots! This ensures that the plays you receive are counted by the system and can help boost your credibility as an artist. It's easy and affordable too!

24/7 Support

Our support team is available to help around the clock. We are a small company, and thanks to that you will have a trained team of Spotify promotion specialists who will be happy to assist you at any time.


Our services always generate royalties. You will not only be making your music popular among the masses and increasing the awarnes of your brand. You will also increase the revenue from your music in an organic way.

Spotify Promotion Services


spotify concert audience


Unique service. Get Spotify plays and monthly listeners with a ratio of 1:1.

500 to 50,000 listeners

Starting at $7.20


concert audience dark blue


Our bestseller. High quality streams from real users with organic speed delivery.

1,000 to 8,000 plays

Starting at $6.90


concert audience light blue


Premium service for bigger campaigns. 100% compliant and safe with fast delivery. 

From 10,000 plays

Starting at $54

How does it work?

1. Package Selection

Select a promotion package for your Spotify content. This can be a campaign targeting plays, listeners or followers.

2. Submit Order Details

After selecting the appropriate package, enter the required information and links, and proceed with the online payment.

3. See the Results

Just after confirming the payment, we will start the promotion campaign. Results are already visible in 24-48h for most orders.

Customer Testimonials

Streampot is an absolute must-have for any artist. Hands down the best promotion services if you want to get your music heard.

Mark Priston

Producer, NYC
I have been using Streampot for about 2 years now. Their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is impeccable.

Linda Green

Manager, Washingron

They are by far the best promotion services I ever used! I never had any issues with them and always received a quick response.

Laura Stivens

Songwriter, NYC

Our Packages

Streampot is a revolutionary tool that lets you promote your music on Spotify.
We provide you with the best way to gain more exposure and find a wider audience for your work. Streams are integral in securing higher quality opportunities, such as collaborations with artists or being featured on popular pages.

Plus, you’ll be able to earn royalty money in the process. You deserve it!