Spotify Advanced Plays

Having more Streampot playlist on your song can increase the overall popularity of the account and the artist.



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Unique service. Get Spotify plays and monthly listeners with a ratio of 1:1.

500 to 50,000 listeners

Starting at $7.20


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Premium service for bigger campaigns. 100% compliant and safe with fast delivery. 

From 10,000 plays

Starting at $54


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Our bestseller. High quality streams from real users with organic speed delivery.

1,000 to 8,000 plays

Starting at $6.90

Why Choose Streampot?

Fast & Gradual Delivery

We make sure that you get the followers or streams on your Spotify account as soon as possible. You order the services, and we will start delivering within a few minutes.

Real People

We do not put our customers and their accounts at any flagging risk. This is the reason why we use authenticated real accounts of real people to deliver streams and saves.

24/7 Support

We are here for you around the clock. You can ask your questions and reach our customer support at any time. Our team would be happy to assist you.


Earn Spotify royalties. Make your music popular among the masses to increase the metrics of your account. Increase your albums’ revenue organically.

Five Reasons you should buy Spotify Advanced Plays

If you run Spotify playlists and want to reach out to a broader audience and want to make your playlist a popular choice among the Spotify listeners, it is time to choose SpotifyStorm. We provide some of the best plans to boost your Spotify playlist plays with complete safety and security.

Make your Playlist Popular

Are you a playlist owner and want the playlist to be charted high up on the searches? Then now is the time to invest in buying safe Spotify playlist plays. More playlist plays are equivalent to more playlist popularity. Those playlists which have more plays will naturally get more attention from the Spotify listeners. More streams also act as a definer of high-quality collections of songs and tracks. You can choose our affordable plans to boost the playlist plays quickly. Also, our services are entirely safe and secure without any risk of getting penalized or flagged.

Earn more Money

It is possible to earn money easily with Spotify playlists. How? A playlister adds music and tracks to their list and posts them online on Spotify. The listeners and audience find these playlists. The most popular playlist gets played repeatedly, and the songs on it get more exposure along with the artists. That is why many times, the artists find the charted popular playlists to get featured on. The artist pays a certain fee to get featured on the playlists as well. This will help the playlist owner to earn more money.

Reach out to a New Audience

Having more plays on the playlist will enhance the overall popularity among the music circuit. It will also help find a larger audience interested in the same type of playlists across the globe. It is quite natural since more plays on a playlist will show a higher quality and attract more people. We have several plans for various scales of playlists and budgets. We will deliver the plays directly and organically to the playlist to increase the relevance, and the playlist gets the required credibility from the audience.

Secure Delivery of Plays

One of the reasons you should buy Streampot playlist streams from us is that we deliver high-quality plays from real accounts. We do not rely on bots and other methods where the plays will increase suddenly and cause a tip-off of the algorithm, leading to flagging the account. Instead, we use the real profiles of real people to improve the plays. This makes the entire process look natural and gradual through the drip method like it usually happens in social media. This way, you can increase plays and not have to worry about the services’ safety.

Enhance Traffic

One of the major things you need to keep in mind is that social media works as a chain process. Here, the plays will increase and will bring in more people to listen to the playlist. On the other hand, this will increase traffic and lead to more plays. Therefore, you can say that having more streams will increase the streams naturally. The services we provide will help in bringing in more plays than what you are paying for. Our services will assist in making the playlist famous in no time without spending much money.

How does it work?

1. Package Selection

Choose a package of your choice, which will boost your Spotify account. We have a plethora of packages to choose from.

2. Submit Order Details

After choosing a lucrative package for Spotify, enter the required details like a link of the song and make an online payment.

3. See the Results

As soon as you make the payment, we will start delivering the streams and saves through the drip method to your account.

Any Questions?

We are here as marketing experts who can help you find the best boosting service to make your Streampot account go viral. Have questions about the plans and booster services? We are here to help you. Want to learn more about Streampot and how the plans work? Contact us.