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Why Choose Streampot?

Fast & Gradual Delivery

Streampot is a powerful platform that helps artists get their music heard. With fast turnaround times and support for all styles of music, Streampot gives artists the edge to make sure their music is heard.

Real Devices

We provide a secure and reliable way to increase your online reach. All streams and saves come from real devices, which guarantees not flagging risks. Streampot makes it easy to connect with the right audiences to grow your online presence.

24/7 Support

Streampot provides 24/7 customer support, so you never have to worry when you need help. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to answer your questions, so you can get the assistance you need quickly and easily.


Services for musicians to monetize their music. Our platform allows musicians to increase the metrics of their Spotify account, reach more fans and listeners, and ultimately increase their album revenue all organically.

Five Reasons you should buy Spotify Plays

You struggle to get your songs noticed in the music industry. 
You feel like no one is listening to your music, and you’re not getting the exposure you deserve.

With Songlifty, you can buy Spotify plays and get the exposure you need to stand out from the crowd.

Become Popular Quickly

You can quickly play on the songs without much work. Streams are one of the metrics that measure the songs’ popularity and the albums that a new artist posts on the Streampot platform. It will also make the songs and albums more relevant on the platform over time. You can choose various plans and packages of Streampot plays based on the Streampot account scale and how much you can afford. We have plans that will suit your marketing strategy perfectly and will help in reaching your goals effectively.

Reach a Broader Audience

Want your songs to reach various listeners on Streampot and have a larger organic reach? Then streampot is the place to do that! We will help make your song popular and help reach out to a more massive audience crowd in no time. We have Streampot song plays services that you can buy, and then we will deliver the plays organically to your song. More streams will make the track more visible on Streampot, which will help acquire more followers and streams over time. Simply choose a plan and start adding plays to the songs.

Become Famous as an Artist

Every musician has only one dream: to make a name in the music industry; however, this is becoming difficult as there are thousands of new artists coming into the industry every day. That is why you require a certain boost and a place to gain a certain momentum. Streampot provides this momentum with the help of the artist’s account opportunity. But, merely having an account never helps. You should invest time and effort into increasing the plays on the songs posted. Buying Streampot plays can be one of these efforts to increase your popularity over time.

Save Money

Marketing and advertising your brand online or offline as an artist can be quite expensive. If you are a new artist with limited resources, it can be positively daunting in the pocket. But if you choose our Streampot booster services, you can bring more people to the account and gain attention online without spending. We have budget-friendly plans for those who have a limited budget. We will help reach your goals of Streampot marketing effectively, even with smaller plans and services picked. This way, you will save money and also become popular.

Earn Royalties

Now, posting songs on Streampot and making them popular with followers and saves is not just about the musician’s reach; it’s also about earning money. Streampot has one of the best programs for paying money to the musicians who will have more plays. Spotify has a subscription system, which makes the listeners pay for listening to songs. This system is to help the young and new musicians to grow and earn royalties over time. More plays and popularity are equivalent to more earnings. Choose the right service of Streampot  and get a boost to your profits and revenues.

How does it work?

1. Package Selection

Choose a package of your choice, which will boost your Spotify account. We have a plethora of packages to choose from.

2. Submit Order Details

After choosing a lucrative package for Spotify, enter the required details like a link of the song and make an online payment.

3. See the Results

As soon as you make the payment, we will start delivering the streams and saves through the drip method to your account.

Any Questions?

Streampot is a revolutionary tool that lets you promote your music on Spotify.
We provide you with the best way to gain more exposure and find a wider audience for your work. Streams are integral in securing higher quality opportunities, such as collaborations with artists or being featured on popular pages.

Plus, you’ll be able to earn royalty money in the process. You deserve it!