How To Get Your Spotify Music Played On The Radio

Online Presence You need to have an online presence if you want your music played on the radio. This involves making your tunes available on digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Additionally, build a website for your music and include contact information. Once your brand has the traction it needs, everything is easier. […]

How To Properly Pitch Playlist Curators

Do your research Find the right playlist curators for your music It’s key that you research to locate Spotify playlist curators who would be a compatible match for your music. A great starting point is by checking the followers and engagement rate of the playlists. If a playlist has lots of followers but low engagement, […]

How To Get Your Music On Spotify (And Promote It!)

Spotify is a music streaming platform that offers users a wide variety of content from different artists and bands. In order to get your music on Spotify, you will need to go through a music distributor. A music distributor is a company that will upload your songs onto Spotify and other streaming platforms. You can […]